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If you are a NP or PA student, or a Student Instructor, looking for possible placement with a Preceptor, this section is for you!

Please email with the following information:  

  1. Clinical dates (rotations) you are looking to be placed. If you would like to do more than one rotation with us, just list all the dates/rotations you are looking for.

  2. State the amount of hours you either think or know you will be needing per rotation period.

  3. Attach a current resume to this email. If you do not have a resume, please provide your most accurate contact information.

  4. Attach your instructor's contact information.

Kailee, our Student Coordinator, will review your email and see if we have available placement for the semester/dates you are requesting. If there is an opening, she will let you know. You will then be asked to come in to the office in order to complete an "interview" to see if we will be a good fit for your clinical experience.

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